Conference on Central Banks, Financial Stability and Legal Issues in East Asia

East Asia Institute, Ludwigshafen, May 23rd, 2014

Am 23.Mai 2014 findet in den Räumen des Ostasieninstituts von 9.00 – 17.00 Uhr die Konferenz “Central Banks, Financial Stability and Legal Issues in East Asia“ statt. Ein aktueller Überblick über die Referenten und Themen findet sich unten. Die Konferenzsprache ist Englisch. Interessenten können sich unter Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! für die Veranstaltung anmelden, die Teilnehmerzahl ist jedoch begrenzt.


Program for the Conference on Central Banks, Financial Stability and Legal Issues in East Asia

Participants and Topics

(as of March 2014)

Mr. Patrick Hess
European Central Bank
Topic: Shadow Banking and Financial Stability in China

Prof. Dr. Takashi Kubota
Waseda University, Japan
Topic: Extraterritorial Impacts on Japanese Financial Institutions by the US economic laws: AML, FCPA, and FATCA

Dr. Knut Benjamin Pißler
Max Planck Institute for comparative and international Private Law, Hamburg
Topic: History and legal environment of the People's Bank of China

Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl
University of Leipzig
Topic: China's Exchange Rate and Financial Repression: The Conflicted Emergence of the Renminbi as an International Currency

Mr. Edi Setijawan
Indonesia Financial Services Authority
Topic: Banking Master Plan in response to the banking crisis - the case of Indonesia in the period 2004-2013

Prof. Dr. Helmut Siekmann
Frankfurt University, Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability
Topic: Central Banking – The Legal Framework in Europe

Mr. Frank Thiem
Deutsche Bundesbank
Topic: Macroprudential Policy and its Instruments

Dr. Ulrich Volz
German Development Institute
Topic: Navigating the Trilemma: Inflation Targeting. Financial Stability and Exchange Rate Stability - Central Banking in East Asia

Prof. Dr. Franz Waldenberger
Munich University
Topic: Central Bank Independence in Times of Financial Risk

Dr. Xuechun Zhang
People’s Bank of China
Topic: Budget Law and Shadow Banking in China

Conference Organizers:

Prof. Dr. Frank Rövekamp
Ludwigshafen University, East Asia Institute

Prof. Dr. Moritz Bälz
Frankfurt University, Interdisciplinary Centre for East Asian Studies